Like Fancy Pet Gadgets? We Love the Healing Powers of K-laser!

You may have heard rumors about laser therapy for pets and wondered exactly what it is. K-laser is one of the things that really sets our

apart from the crowd. There are very few vet clinics in Sydney that offer K-laser therapy.

K-laser is incredibly safe and effective for a number of health conditions. It speeds up healing, reduces pain and inflammation and is completely pain free. If you put the laser on your own skin it just feels slightly warm (barely noticeable for most settings), so it is great for anxious pets that would not necessarily tolerate acupuncture or physiotherapy.

It is particularly wonderful for pets with chronic pain conditions like sore backs and osteoarthritis. We have also seen some spectacular results with frustrating non-healing wounds and we offer it as an adjunct to any surgery to enhance healing.

Laser therapy for pets is ideal for:

If you think your pet would benefit from some cutting edge technology to help those aches and pains, we have several discounted packages for K-laser. Our basic package is 5 treatments for only $199! Most pets do well with around 5 sessions usually at weekly intervals. Book in to see one of the vets today at either our


campuses and we can show you how it works.

More on K-Laser here:



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