Creative Ways to Include your Pet this Christmas

Want to give your dog something special but healthy on Christmas Day while youre all at the dinner table? How about a Kong filled with

Doing Christmas crackers this year and want to involve your pooch? Consider getting some doggy

that are made from edible rawhide and natural vegetable colouring. So cute!

There are lots of places where you can get a special photo of your dog with Santa. The results are often hilarious, and make for unique Christmas cards!

Dont want your furry family member to feel like theyre missing out at present time? Why not put together a special Christmas stocking for your pet this year Decorate it with paw prints and their name, and fill it with some special pet-friendly treats and toys.

If youre someone who sends out Christmas cards to your friends and family every year, consider sending one to your pooch! Just like the edible Christmas crackers, these adorable

are a tasty treat and includea cardboard envelope should you want to send by post.


Dr Eloise Bright

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