Camping with your Dog

Most campers do spend some time relaxing at the campsite, and ideally you dont always want to be attached to the lead! A long lead and stake is a great and simple way to anchor your dog at the campsite and allows them to explore their surroundings.

If you have multiple dogs its best to space them out so your relaxation time doesnt become untangle-the-dog time! Alternatively you can take along a portable fenced pen, just make sure your dogs arent likely to escape from it. A sheet or fly-mesh can be used to make a breathable cover for your fenced pen, providing both shade and a deterrent for escaping.

If you choose to keep your dog contained while at the campsite, it is important to ensure they always have access to shade, somewhere to toilet, bedding and water.

Safety tip:tents, like cars, can get very hot very quickly no matter what season it is so you should NEVER leave your dog unattended in a tent. If you cannot guarantee that you can take your dog everywhere with you then it is best to organise a pet sitter or boarding.

The easiest, and generally the option that provides most peace of mind for campers, is to let the dog sleep in the tent at night. This also allows you to take advantage of their body heat for warmth! Simply put their bedding in the tent next to your sleeping bag and snuggle up.

If you would prefer that your dog is outside, taking along a collapsible crate would provide the safest option for your pet. Place it in a securearea thats preferably shielded from the elements (if you have a tent with a front section this would be a great place). Ideally you want to avoid keeping your dog tied up at night as dogs can easily tangle themselves, and there is a higher risk that they could escape when they see a possum or other nighttime creatures roaming about.

Wherever you choose for your dog to sleep it is important that they are warm during the night. A trampoline bed within the crate will allow your dog to be up off the cold ground and extra blankets are always helpful. For dogs which do not have a heavy coat you may want to take a jacket for to sleep in. If its going to be super cold at night, inside the tent is the ideal place for them to be, and if not you may want to consider relocating to dog friendly accommodation or cutting your holiday short.


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