10 Reasons to Date a Dog Lover

Most dog-owners are part of this unofficial dog-owner community that no one knows about until they have a dog of their own. Its in the way dog owners nod and smile at each other as theyre all out on their morning walks.

More likely, theyre someone who takes their dog for walks all the time. You will likely find them down at the dog park or dog beach on weekends.

They have a little furry friend relying on them day after day that they cant let down. Theyre used to handling responsibility.

They put the needs of their furry friends before their own. Youll find theyre the kind of people who see something when theyre out and they know their pet will just love it. So they cant help but bring home a little present.

Dogs love to play all day every day. A dog-lover is going to be a lot of fun!

They dont mind that you trod on their tail, they still love you. Its a trait that rubs off!

And you can bet their owners are the same.

Interacting with dogs also releases oxytocin in the brain and reduces cortisol levels. Science says dog-lovers are less stressed than everyone else.

When you are woken up by a dog who couldnt be more excited to see you, how could you not start every day with a huge smile on your face. Dogs bring so much sunshine into your world, you cant help but be happy.

Theyve learned from the best companion in the world. Sometimes a snuggle on the couch is all you need.


Tamara Paulin

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